Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Time to stop misleading flight ads

Scottish consumers and especially holidaymakers are set to benefit from a decision taken by the Parliament today which obliges airlines to indicate all clearly applicable taxes and charges when advertising air fares. This also includes surcharges or fees, such as those relating to security taxes levied by national governments and fuel taxes. These measures are set to be implemented across the EU by the end of this year.

The Parliament's decision to prohibit airlines from advertising air fares without including the additional costs will enable people to see the true price they are actually paying for a flight. How many times have we all thought we were getting a bargain when you saw a flight advertised in the newspaper or on the internet for £1, only to find the actual final cost was much higher than was advertised because the price did not include taxes and other charges?

Consumers have the right to know exactly what it is that they are paying for, so the Parliament's approval today is a welcome one.

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