Saturday, 5 July 2008

Labour meltdown in Glasgow East

I couldn't believe it when I woke this morning to the news that Labour had failed to select their candidate, George Ryan, for Glasgow East after he had failed to show up at a hustings meeting last night - you just can't make this sort of stuff up with Labour clearly in their own meltdown. What a non-way to start their by election campaign.

In complete contrast, I was back in Glasgow East today and what a fantastic day its been despite the pouring rain. I heard there were over 300 activists out today along with our candidate, Cllr John Mason and First Minister Alex Salmond, our MPs and MSPs and to be honest it was great to be there doing what I could to help. In all the campaigns I've been involved in I've never quite seen anything like this. I heard someone say it was like being at our Annual National Conference except everyone was outside campaigning, meeting the voters, and talking to the locals about the issues that matter the most to them. Every street I was in was blanketed by us. With SNP brollies, cars, posters, leafleters and canvassers out across the whole constituency it was certainly a sight to see.

If you can help, there are various ways in which you can do so by clicking on this link to the by election campaign page on the SNP website. This also gives details of the Glasgow East campaign headquarters, opening hours, map and directions, etc.

With a heavy legislative agenda next week in Brussels, I have to head back to hold the fort there but I'll be back in Glasgow East for the last push before polling day.

 With our candidate for Glasgow East Cllr John Mason outside the party rooms on Baillieston Road.

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