Sunday, 20 July 2008

Back in Glasgow East

Having just got back from Brussels late on Friday night I was across in Glasgow East most of the weekend to do whatever I was asked to do. I spent most of my time getting John Mason’s latest leaflet through as many doors as I possibly could manage – this time though the sun was out and on the streets in the areas that we were in we were certainly being warmly received. I had a guy stop me in his car to ask how things were going and to tell me he was voting for John because he was a local and wanted to see the back of Labour – for too long Labour had taken them for granted and it was now time for a change, for someone else to come in and actually do something for the people of Glasgow’s East End.

Another door I leafleted a woman in her 60s was out in her garden and told me she was planning to vote for the SNP on Thursday for the first time because she was just so fed up with Gordon Brown and fed up being ignored by the Labour party who were doing nothing for them.

The atmosphere at the SNP party rooms on Baillieston Road was fantastic and as I have said elsewhere on this site it was like being at national conference. Everyone mucking in, each doing their bit to win this seat to deliver a better and more prosperous future for the people of Glasgow East and for Scotland. Roll on Thursday.....

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