Saturday, 25 October 2008

In Glenrothes with Clydesdale CA

Having just got back from Brussels last night I was up against first thing this morning to go to Glenrothes. Clydesdale CA had organised a minibus to take a large group of us there including Aileen Campbell MSP and we were all meeting in a very windswept, cold and wet car park outside the library at Carluke at 09.00.

Despite the weather our spirits on the bus were high as we headed to Glenrothes whereupon we spent the day leafleting. The rooms were busy with buses from Glasgow also turning up. Our first run took us up to Glenrothes itself though afterwards it was great to get back to the rooms and to get some hot soup down us before the next run.

While the wind blew like a hoollie and the rain, gawd it rained, I had a great time and enjoyed the criac. Regardless of our battling against the elements we were in all this together tramping the streets and determined to get our message across to the people of Fife - to vote for Cllr Peter Grant as their new SNP MP for Glenrothes and send a clear message to Downing Street. For me it was also just nice to spend some time with Clydesdale and getting to know everyone having not long moved into the constituency.

I should also say again a big thank you to Euan Ferguson for getting us all back down the road safely that night as it certainly couldn’t have been the easiest of drives coming along the M8 with all the surface water, torrential rain and gales.

Photo: Aileen with SNP Candidate Cllr Peter Grant

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