Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back to Strasbourg....

Just to finish this week off we heard from the Parliament's authorities that the building work to repair the collapsed ceiling in Strasbourg was finished and had been given the okay clearance, so it looks like the EP will be back in Strasbourg come our next session on 20 October. I say this every time but this is just such a complete waste of taxpayers' money. I'm lucky that I don't have to endure the monthly trek as I simply stay put in my office in Brussels but it is just the fact that I have Alyn down there, along with our group advisor, committee secretariat staff, the Commissioners and their staff when it just would be so much easier to have everyone in one place in Brussels.

Having the last two sessions in Brussels has underlined how much more effective and productive the EP is and how much more we are relaxed because folk aren't having to endure being away from home and being away from what they are familiar with in Brussels.

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