Saturday, 6 September 2008

Back in Glenrothes

Having just got back from Brussels I headed up to Markinch to offer my help and ended up spending the afternoon with a couple of our members from Edinburgh West, one of whom had just recently joined the party. I was delighted to spend some time with them campaigning around one of Fife's many former coal mining villages, Coaltown of Weymss. The miners' cottages are still there along Plantation Row and now form part of a conservation area. It certainly was a village with a history on every door.

With Scotland playing Macedonia that afternoon there were few folk around with the one exception of a woman in her 60s who came to her door as I was putting one of the latest leaflets from our candidate, Cllr. Peter Grant, through her letterbox, to tell me of her disappointment with Labour and how she had voted SNP at the Holyrood election last May for the first time. There was much chat about the unfair Council tax and our plans for introducing a local income tax before she started telling me what could have happened in Scotland had we had our share of the oil revenue. I left her doorstep feeling that even if she was the only person I spoke with it was definitely worth it in the hope that she would speak with her friends and neighbours.

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