Saturday, 21 February 2009

Vote Aileen McLeod for SNP MEP candidate statement

Like our other European election candidates I have written a statement to all party members setting out why I want to be elected as an SNP MEP in this June’s European elections. My statement says:

It Matters
There’s turmoil in the world’s economy and Scotland is not immune, we’ll be bruised like any other country and we have to know why the European election matters. What Scotland does in Europe matters – cooperation across the EU will help Scotland recover when we have the chance. The European Parliament matters.

Making Europe work for Scotland
Scotland can be better and can have better international relations. Scotland needs MEPs who will make sure that Europe works for Scotland and that Europe works in Scotland. Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton have been doing that and I hope to join them so we can do even more. With the performance of our Scottish Government, the high reputation of our MEPs, and the good, hard campaigning of our activists, we can win three seats.

From Dr Winnie Ewing through the tenures of Dr Allan Macartney and Professor Neil MacCormick to our two current MEPs we have done well in Europe. Our commitment to getting the best for Scotland is embedded in our work with our European partners.

Knowing how it works
The European institutions often seem complicated. The team we have in Brussels knows its way around and we’ve worked hard to bring European benefits to Scotland. We’ve brought Commissioners to Scotland and taken campaigners to Brussels – we work across the spectrum to deliver benefits for Scotland. We can make Europe work for Scotland.

The Future
We have to prepare Europe for Scotland’s Independence – we already have friends, but we must make sure Europe knows where Scotland is coming from and where we want Scotland to be going. We have to work with our European partners, and fight Scotland’s corner, taking Scotland’s cause forward and making Europe work for Scotland.

A Little About Me
Grew up in East Kilbride and now live in Lanark and Brussels.

MA Hons European Community Studies and German – (Edinburgh University 1993), Erasmus year – Germany; Robert Schuman Scholarship- European Parliament Office, London; EuroInfo Centre Ltd., Glasgow (1999 - 2001), Jean Monnet Centre of European Excellence – Glasgow University; PhD (2004) on UK media and European Parliament; Senior Research Specialist, Europe - Scottish Parliament research department (2001-04); Head of Policy for Alyn Smith MEP in Brussels and Edinburgh (2004-present) – advising and developing party policy on EU issues; Campaigned across Scotland.

What can we win?
I’m confident that our two sitting MEPs will be returned to Parliament, but we can win three with some hard work. I hope to be that third MEP, join our current Members and serve Scotland and the cause of Independence in Europe.

Vote Aileen McLeod.

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